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Euphoria necklace/ bracelets

Miranda Clothing top/ shorts

Celine bag

Giftsahoy flats

Many different prints and patterns are great together and some look weird together- it’s just a matter of mix and matching. I think all girls out there are getting more and more experimental when it comes to prints- and I love it! The Collection launch just finished a few days ago and I’m really happy to be one of the ambassadors. My theme for the launch was aztec- and I can definitely say it’s one of my favorite patterns. This wasn’t my look for the launch, but I found it very funny that even my look on casual days can revolve around aztec prints! This pair of shorts from Miranda Clothing are super colorful and has gorgeous geometric lines. They’re so vibrant- you definitely will be seen even from afar. I paired it with this top because even if it’s aztec, it’s not too loud nor too subtle. It just has a print in the middle that’s just right. Lastly, since my ensemble already gives out that edgy feel, I added to the mix this set of beaded bracelets from Euphoria. Usually, you’d think of a bohemian look if the accessories are like this, but I like experimenting and I loved the combination of the bracelets with the cloths. They don’t have the same color palette and definitely do not have the same feel, but it’s ironically beautiful in my eyes. BMS.

Photos by: Spike