Break My Style | Capetain


(Goody spin pins, D&G sunnies, SM Accessories necklaces, Wardrobe Check top/ shorts, Extreme Finds bracelets, Alexander Wang bag, Primadonna heels)

Wearing a cape doesn’t mean you’ll look like a super hero, you can always wear it in a stylish way. This top from Wardrobe Check is an example. I tucked the polo in and left the cape outside for that dramatic effect. I also had a meeting this day so to look more corporate, I buttoned it all the way up and paired it with these high waist scallop shorts (which I love so much). And of course, these aztec heels were the final touch. I think this is my best pick in Primadonna. The colors and print just works altogether, and it definitely made the entire look more vibrant, don’t you think? BMS.