Break My Style | Candy Colors

Candy Colors

(Mademoiselle necklace, LOVE top, Fashion Galore vest, House of Luxe bangle, Marc By Marc Jacobs bag, Shortcuts shorts, Crocs rubber shoes)

This is what I wore to the Crocs event last week. I wanted to be a bit more playful because it was a young event, so I wore a candy-inspired outfit. The collar definitely matched the color of my shorts (which were actually Patricia’s, but I found it too cute, so I stole it hahaha). I also did a play on denim by matching my denim vest with my dip dyed shorts. Too bad I already dyed my hair back to brown or else it would’ve looked better with my blue ombre hair. To tame down my very colorful outfit, I wore these comfy Crocs shoes in basic white. 

The event started with me welcoming the new users of Crocs- Camille Co and David Guison. I love that they’re both my friends too! And of course, they also launch their new website. I was part of their NCNY campaign last year, so upgrade na talaga to. Cool, right? 

If you click on my section, I’ll be asking you several things so I can get to know your style more, and at the end of everything- I’ll be recommending certain styles of Crocs shoes for you. 

Lastly, they have a promo too! You can win a FREE 3-day, 2-night weekend getaway at Shangri-La Hotel for two! And it’s so easy to join. You don’t even need to move on your seat. Start your day right and check you NCNY’s website. BMS.