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Sunday Somewhere sunglasses

H&M top

Guess jumper

When I’m at the beach and when I go in the water, I instantly forget everything that’s happening in my life (problems, work, stress, etc) and I just live in the moment. It happens naturally that my mind goes blank and I just embrace every single moment that’s happening in my life right then and there. That’s what I call peace and serenity. I went on a spontaneous weekend trip with a couple of friends a few weeks ago and felt exactly that when I had some alone time by the shore. I think we all need that time to time. BMS. 


    1. charleane

      you are right ms laureen. feeling ko kapag nasa dagat din ako nakakalimutan ko lahat ng problema at lahat ng stress sa buhay. lahat ng pagod at sakit na nararamdaman mo e nawawala lahat :) god bless you and take care always laureen. hope to see you again :)

    2. geryansy

      Oh! i love the water! even though i don’t know how to swim haha. because of this i’m planning to go to the beach this holiday! love your outfit especially the jumper! i superrr love you!

    3. GorgeousG

      Hi Laureen! love those beach shots and all the rest of your blog pics! you don’t seem to look too “modelisque” compared to other good looking bloggers. hahaha. you’re a natural, with great poise and style! love reading your blog!