Break My Style | Cagayan De Oro

Cagayan De Oro

 I went to Cagayan De Oro a couple of weeks ago with my high school friends for some bonding and adventure. Right after we landed, we went straight to Macahambus Adveture Park for sky bridge and zipline. I nearly died in the middle of the sky bridge but I’m glad I was able to experience it!
 I entered the Makahambus Cave too. We had to hold flashlights just so no one will get injured.
The Divine Mercy Statue- probably the biggest statue I’ve seen here in the Philippines. It’s a very beautiful/ huge place and people can’t enter if they’re wearing improper clothing. We had to borrow shawls and skirts so we could enter the place. 
 Of course, the main event: White river rafting. I really thought I wasn’t gonna do it but I did- and I had so fun much. Unbelievable fun! I highly suggest you guys try it. We did it for five hours but I can really do it all day. 
To end the day perfectly, we ate at Candy’s and ordered the dessert that my Twitter followers have been telling me try- Tartufo. WOW. I can seriously just go back to CDO for this dessert, it’s that good. 

I’ve never tried any of these adventurous things before, so it’s really something new to me. I enjoyed so much and now I promise to do more things I’ve never imagined I can do. It’s really more fun in the Philippines. For more CDO photos, visit Robbie’s BLOG. BMS.


    1. Rochie Ira

      Wow. I am truly a fan of yours ms. Laureen! From fit style to food style. i was also amazed that you’ve visited cagayan de oro city! Balik’Balik! :)
      Love, Rochie