Break My Style | By The River

By The River

(H&M top, Extreme Finds necklaces, Topshop shorts, SM Accessories bangles/rings, Feet for a Queen wedges)

Wearing a colored sports bra under a semi see-through top isn’t so bad after all. It actually gives you a new feel. In Manila, you really can’t help but feel hot when you’re outside, I wanted to feel breezy so I decided to wear this- I had to wear sheer stockings to even everything out and so I won’t feel to exposed. And always remember, if you’re too lazy to wear make up, sunnies and lipstick are the best tools. BMS.
Photos by: Robbie Becroft 

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    1. Gem

      Hey! I know you from MBG! I totally just stumbled upon your blog accidentally but I’m glad! I really <3 your style! <3

    2. Anonymous

      Loving everything. The top, the shoes, the necklaces! The shoes are to die for! I want those necklaces too!!! Edgy and loving it!!