Break My Style | B&W










Vetus Shop dress

Zara blazer

Wicked Trinket bracelets

Roberto Cavalli bag

Zara pumps

Black and white will forever be a safe but sexy and chic ensemble for me. Every time I need a classy look and can’t think of anything, I always end up wearing B&W pieces. If you follow me on Instagram, I’ve been saying numerous times that I’m really getting addicted to B&W pieces lately. If you see my timeline, you’ll notice it. There’s something with these tones that makes them have this natural drama in every outfit. Just like this checkered dress I got this dress from Vetus Shop- it’s not just like any ordinary dress you see around, it has this cutout on both sides of the waist to make you look sexier (I swear, it does miracles! Haha). As soon as I saw it online, I expected it to be as lovely in person. The combination of the diagonal patterns on the side and the horizontal patterns in front is definitely an eye catcher! I just added the blazer to make it look more sophisticated during the day- but really, the dress is astonishing by itself. Minimal accessories would work best for this look, that’s why I wore multiple thin bracelets from Wicked Trinket and still make it seem wonderful even without excessorizing. They seem effortlessly piled, but it’s actually well thought of. The cross and key combination was a winner! BMS.

Photos by: Spike


    1. Sud Raj

      I’m a fashionista, who follows and keep updating myself about the latest fashion trends. Fashion accessories, literally, are the most stylish items that can brighten up any dull outfit and show your personality. You look awesome in this outfit.

    2. Kerz

      Toooooooooooot…. means speechless talaga ako nito. Ito yung pinangarap kong dress which is hopefully I can buy this, in time. Love your face, light lang yung make-up. Love you mucho2x Ms. Lau! <3