Break My Style | B/W


(D&G sunnies, HK brand jacket, Luna Chic bangles, YSL bag, M&S leggings, Pedro heels)

What to wear on a very cold/drizzly/breezy day in Taipei? This. I didn’t walk a lot this day because I was done shopping with my siblings so (yey) I was able to wear heels. As you’ve noticed on my previous posts, I didn’t bring much accessories with me but these Luna Chic bangles are just way too beautiful to leave at home. They’re so light so I didn’t have a hard time bringing it with me- you can just fold the bangles flat and it’s as if you didn’t bring chunky bangles at all- it totally made the entire outfit chic. I really miss the weather in Taipei- it’s getting too hot in Manila these days. 
And by the way, my dad took these photos. Even I got shocked when I saw the final shots. Hahaha. BMS.

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