Break My Style | Bun Spiral In A Snap

Bun Spiral In A Snap

 Hair tutorial: How to have a spiral bun in less than three minutes:
 Step 1: Tie your hair
 Step 2: Put it in a bun
 Step 3: Get your Goody Bun Spiral and insert all your hair inside
 Step 4: Keep twisting the Goody Bun Spiral until it’s nice and tight
Step 5: Loosen your bangs a bit and voila! 

Lovely. All in less than three minutes. I love Goody Bun Spiral and well as their Spin Pins. Available in all leading department stores BMS.


    1. Rajsh Sabio

      nice! you know i learned to love goody because of you… i mean, you promote them so i checked them out. hehe.

      anyway, did Robbie Becroft take these as well? he’s good huh! kudos to him! :)