Break My Style | BTS of Young Folk, Silly Folk

BTS of Young Folk, Silly Folk

 make up artist Joyce Platon sets up inside the Greater Good store
 Cholo getting every detail shots
Greater Good x Stylebreak: Young Folk, Silly Folk
Thanks to:
Model: Pauline Prieto
Make up: Joyce Platon
Hair: Dave Grona
Photography: Cholo Dela Vega and Lesly Choa
Videographer: Marco Limjap and Sarie Cruz
and of course to Mike Concepcion. xx


    1. Carina

      Hey Laureen!

      My name’s Carina; I designed the YFSF stuff and I was wondering if I could use that photo of the tags for my portfolio. :) Thank you!

    2. Sarie

      Awesome! I didn’t know you posted this or that there were even behind the scenes shots of us. Stealing a few photos if that’s cool with you.