Break My Style | Brrrr











Guess top/ sheer polo

Guess jacket

Givenchy clutch

SM Accessories rings

Zara shorts

Stella McCartney heels

Brrrr.. or should I say “Berrrr!” because the Ber months are getting cooler and cooler! And we have to dress for the season that we’re currently in so that calls for the new collection of Guess! The good thing about the weather being a tad bit colder is that I can layer again. As you know, layering can add a new dimension to your whole ensemble. Here I am, sporting a plain white halter top underneath a sheer black blouse then topped off with a grungy yet polished leather jacket! What I adore most about my top is even if I choose not to wear the leather jacket if ever the weather fluctuates, my outfit is still far from being boring (which is a testament to the versatility of black and white combinations). I then matched it with this crisp leather shorts and wore maroon socks because it tends to bring a certain character to the whole outfit. Finally, to complete my outfit is this Givenchy envelope bag with its artistic graphic design to pull my entire look to completion. BMS.


    1. CheRleane

      OMG! Gorgeous. Sexy. Beautiful. Black and white is heaven. Favorite color of mine. . Lalo ka gumanda sa Bagong gupit na hair mo. :)

    2. neecee

      Layered perfectly! love the bag too! I first thought from checking the main page, it’s a mag you brought with but a bag in a closer look (duling-dulingan ang peg, hahaha =) ) Just love black & white combi since hs yrs, rockista ang drama =)

    3. kathleeNdMac

      love your hair ms. laureen! hopE to see you soon . i start following your bLog since i was in hs. :)

    4. gailaloomii

      i used to hate wearing black before but because of fashion i learned to love it though. kk. annnnnd I’m planning to have ombre my hair too, just like yours ms. lau :)