Break My Style | Bronze


(Lyle Ibanez dress, All SM Accessories, Jimmy Choo heels)

I just attended my cousin’s wedding last Sunday and it made me so emotional- I love seeing new weds. It makes me believe that there will always be that special someone for you out there. Okay, I’m going to stop talking about love right now. 
I was part of the secondary sponsors and we had a color theme- bronze and brown. My cousin gave me the fabric five days before the wedding and I didn’t have time to fit and all because of my busy schedule last week- Lyle Ibanez to the rescue! I emailed him my peg and he was able to do it in three days- what a lifesaver! Here’s how I styled the dress. I wanted to be as simple as I could because it was just a small wedding. Played it safe by wearing only touches of brown. BMS.
Photos by: Cheston Uy

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    1. eggtartbox

      Lyle Ibanez did a good job (and so quick!); I like the simplicity of your outfit and how the focus rests on all the folds and draping in the dress. It sounds like you had a lovely time at the wedding and I hope your Friday is nice xx

    2. Wena

      love your dress, simple yet elegant. btw, I’ve bee following your blog since the first time I saw on “My Binondo Girl” :)