Break My Style | Bright Colors

Bright Colors










Glassy PH sunglasses

Topshop jersey dress

Alexander Wang bag

G Shock from Watches Manila

Native shoes

I’m finally back in Manila and now trying to catch up with work! I can’t believe I’ve been gone for two weeks- still happy though because I got to meet bloggers from around the world and consider them friends already. I’m so excited to blog about my entire trip but for now, here’s an outfit I wore before leaving for Singapore. If I remember clearly, I had a lot of errands to do this day so I decided to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Jersey dresses are very relaxing to wear because it’s loose. Seeing that my top already has a lot of bright colors, I chose to tone it down by wearing this pastel pair of Native flats. They’re seriously the best to wear if you need to be walking all day. It’s also a miracle nowadays if we see a weather cooperating, and since it was sunny the whole day, I got to wear my polarized sunglasses again! Yay for wearing a very colorful outfit on a very bright day. BMS. 



      love your the dress , the color and the style of your dress made you more gorgeous. The shoes perfectly match the dress.

    2. Nancy

      I loved the color combination. The whole suit made you look fresh, and the watch completes the beautiful get up ! Visit us –…