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Rayban sunglasses

Mango romper

Mischa tote

Muy Bien Bonita sandals

Yes, I’ll never get tired of Boracay! I went there a few weeks ago with my good friends and stayed at The District this time around. We only decided to go to this beautiful island a few days before we actually booked our trip- talk about being spontaneous! But being spontaneous is always the best. I always find unexpected trips the best, don’t you? Anyway, I wore this comfy jumper from Mango on the way there because it’s super easy to wear and I can also use it as a coverup when I’m in my bikini. Not only can I wear it at the beach, but I can also wear it when I’m in Manila. For me it’s a “lazy but still chic” look- how can you go wrong! BMS.


    1. Jecelle

      YOU’RE SLAYING IT! i HAVEN’T BEEN TO bORACAY BUT i heard a lot of Good things about it. Soon when I finish my studies, i will got there and take a lot of photos. I don’t have time to travel for now because I am very busy in our class. By the way, you’re such an inspiration! keep it up!