Break My Style | Laboracay 1

Laboracay 1

















Rayban sunnies

I Love Koi blue bikini

Reve red cover up

Island Girl sandals

Yes, it’s my first ever Labor Day weekend in Boracay. I actually went last year, but I went on a Sunday and left the following day- so it doesn’t really count. It’s definitely one of my most memorable trips ever. EVER. I had so much fun- actually, all those words I mentioned are an understatement. I can’t truly tell you what I felt during this trip. All I know is it was epic. I’d be lying to you if I told you I didn’t party there- I think majority of the people’s main reason why they go to Boracay during labor day is to party. I did, but I wanted to relax as well- so I extended. Hahaha akala mo walang trabaho! But I’m really a beach person and Boracay is really one of my favorite beaches to go to. People might say it’s overrated… I don’t think so. It’s really more fun in the Philippines. BMS.

Photos by: Spike


    1. jovilyn creencia

      i hope i have a beach body like you. bcos we will be having team outing before this month end :D

    2. Christelle

      What camera/lense did you use for this photos? so nice! parang gusto ko din mag-beach. :)

    3. tin

      1. mabagal po mag load ang pictures sa new template ng blog mo (the fact na sa office ako nag surf. Mas mabilis pa manuod sa youtube kesa po magbrowse sa blog. Maybe dahil sa large capacity of pic. )
      2. pag iniscroll down paulit ulit lang, hindi nagrerefresh
      3. optimize your site po. Kasi pag mabagal mag load ang blog, iniiwan agad ng readers, especially sa mobile surfing.
      4. kryz uy, camille co and vern&verniece blog mabilis lang magload compare po sa blog nyo.

      *opinyon lang po to. concern reader. ♥

    4. Sarah

      love your beach post! i wish i got to go to boracay for labor day too!
      btw, Your posts don’t show up in bloglovin anymore. :(


    5. tin

      ok na po yun blog nyo. lahat ng pics mabilis magload ♥ yun load more ok na rin po, nagrerefresh agad. everything is fast and beautiful. nanghinayang po kasi ko sa ganda ng template kaya napa comment ako.
      last na lang po, walang reply sa comment :) yun lang po. more power to your blog laureen! ♥