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Books to Read

This is a book of fantasy and inspiration. A must have for all those photographers out there. Thank you Robbie Becroft for this! Can’t wait to start reading it.
 Never too late. I just opened the April issue of Teen Vogue now. Forgive me for being too busy to read this one.
 Learn something new everyday. Buy this book so when you have a fashion emergency you’d know what to wear.
And of course, Facehunter.
Such a memorable experience spending a day with him last December. Thanks for the sweet message, Yvan! BMS.


    1. Kat

      Hi Lau,

      I have been looking for Facehunter book all over and I couldn’t find it!! Do you know where I can get it?

      Love your blog btw! :)

      Kat :)

    2. coffeetwist

      Metamorphosis is a great book. TIMELESS!

      Harper’s Bazaar is also inspiring especially for young fashion enthusiasts. It’s like taking a class–Style 101 :)

      Good read!!!