Break My Style | BMS x MDG Givaway (CLOSED)

BMS x MDG Givaway (CLOSED)

 As you know, I’ve been addicted to my Madonna x Dolce and Gabbana (MDG) sunnies for the longest time– so now I’d like to givaway a pair of MDG sunnies to my readers (thanks to BLI).
I’m going to give a FREE pair of these sunglasses seen below. This classy oval-shaped cream sunnies are lovely! There are “MDG” written on both sides and engraved inside are “Dolce and Gabbana” and “Madonna”. 
1. Like Laureen Uy on facebook
2. Follow me via google connect
3. Like/ RT my post
4. Comment on my post and continue the sentence,
“I need these MDG sunglasses because __________.”
It can be a stylish answer, a funny answer, a becky answer, a witty answer, or any answer that you want as long as it catches my attention. Also, it should be less than 50 words.
*Please leave your twitter name OR facebook name with your comment so I can contact you earlier too.

*If you don’t have any account and you can’t comment, just email me your answer with the subject “BMS x MDG”.

You can only join ONCE.
Contest from June 20-26 only.
*This is only the first level. On June 27, I will be posting my Top 10 picks from the people who have the best answers then there will be a final level, which will be more fun and entertaining. Then you will move closer to winning the MDG sunglasses.
Anyone can join by just commenting on my post, so join now! BMS.

(To know where you can buy other MDG sunnies, click HERE.)


    1. angel_dashie

      1) Liked on FB
      2) Followed you via Google connect
      3) Liked your post
      4) “I need these MDG sunglasses because it will be the perfect accessory for me to wear it on despite the rainy weather. I have always idolized Madonna and would like to have my own pair for my 18th birthday.Joined this giveaway because I have been inspired by Laureen Uy.I can look like a swagger and it is really perfect to use it for parties also.

      Twitter name : @dashyco (!/dashyco)
      Facebook name : Dasherie Co (

    2. Crissa Pepito

      “I need these MDG sunglasses because I never had one and because I don’t have enough cash to buy one. And I want to break my style like you! :”"”"”"”"”">. It’s like an advance birthday gift narin, 07/21 is my day eh, Thank Ate Laureen!”

      Twitter: crissapepito
      Facebook: Crissa Pepito

    3. Shanen dela Cruz

      ” I need these MDG sunnies because my mom’s birthday is nearing! I’ll teach her how to break her style and to be as fashionable as you are. Better to be late than never! :) ) and yeah, of course I’ll sneak the glasses out sometimes :> “

      twitter: shanendelacruz
      fb: Shanen dela Cruz

    4. Joyce

      *liked your fb fanpage, already an avid follower of your blog way befoooore, liked and re-blogged your post on tumblr :)

      “I need these MDG sunglasses because I’m bored with my life and I like to spice it up with a coolio designer piece- a gem indeed! Because it’s too beautiful, I’d wear it even inside our engineering laboratory, while powering up circuits and LCD displays (geeky yes!). Just kidding! :D

      fb: Marie Joyce Cabebe

    5. Sheridan

      I need these MDG sunglasses simply because it will break my style~ :)

    6. Laureen Uy


      I need these MDG sunglasses because I have just the perfect attitude to match them.

      [email protected]

    7. Laureen Uy


      “I need these MDG sunglasses because aside from acquiring a dramatic looks which I have passion with; they are also a great accessory for my everyday look whether in pants or dresses. I hope I’ll win this because I really so love it! Godspeed.”

      FB: Finela Masangkay
      twitter: @CFinela

    8. Laureen Uy


      I need these MDG sunglasses because it’s my dream, I’m one of those girls that will do everything just to get this sunglasses and I hope that through this contest, this dream of mine can come true. Thank you! I really idolize you :D

    9. Laureen Uy


      i need these MDG sunglasses because these can make me look flaming hot (O.o) and its my dream to own a D&G item.

      Twitter ID: @ellahfrancisco
      Fb name/search by email: Ellah joy audri [email protected]

    10. Jems Roxas

      i need this MDG sunglasses simply because gagamitin ko siya habang nanonood ng nalalapit na BINONDOGIRL.ganun kabongga ang binondo girl and this mdg sunglasses :) jems roxas
      email:[email protected]

    11. Arizia

      i need this MDG sunglasses…….

      para di na ang kapanguan ng ilong ko ang napapansin ng tao. kundi ang ganda ng shades na itech!! at para di ako masyado masilaw sa kagandahan mo teh ^_^

      twitter: ariziakux
      facebook: arizia sumilang

    12. Isa Maria Reynoso

      I need these MDG sunglasses because I believe everyone is entitled to own a fierce pair of sunglasses to face life’s everyday activities. What better way to do it than in style? :)

      twitter: _IsaReynoso
      facebook: Isa Reynoso

    13. Dianne Dequina

      Twitter: diannedequina
      GCA: Dianne Ralph Dequina

      I want the MDG sunnies because I personally use sunglasses all the time especially when there’s Mr. Sun , I confess that when I buy sunglasses…I usually go to the mall and buy a cheap pair for around 100-2000php using my money since I’m still a student and I don’t want my parents to buy me an expensive one. I always wanted to have a DG sunglasses but I can’t afford it with my own money since it’s expensive. I would really love to have the one because it looks to simple