Break My Style | BMS x Candie’s Givaway

BMS x Candie’s Givaway

Cute hats
Thank you Cozy Nail Lounge for my two toned nails again!
Other bloggers excited to mix and match clothes already.

Behind the scenes from our previous meeting for Candie’s fashion show this May 14, 2011, Saturday at The Mall of Asia.
Candie’s joins Philippine Fashion Week 2011 in a first ever conceptual frozen fashion show. Bloggers Camille Co, Kryz Uy,  Lexi Gancayo and yours truly will be there. Catch celebrities like Maxene Magalona, Elmo Magalona and more there as well. MOA’s skating rink will be themed “Winter Sartorial Wonderland.” It’s surely going to be the bomb!!!

And, I’m giving away 2 VIP tickets each to 5 winners (thanks Candie’s)!! 

Here’s what you need to do to win:
 1. Follow me on google friend connect and twitter
2. RT or like my post.
3. Leave a comment on my post and continue the sentence,
“To prevent teen pregnancy, ________.”
(It’s Candie’s advocacy so that teenagers can be more aware about teen pregnancy. To know more about the campaign, visit
** If you don’t have a blogspot account, just tweet me your answer!
I will announce the winners on May 13 before 3:00pm. You only have two days so join now! BMS.


    1. czarianonuevo

      To prevent teen pregnancy, one should be informed about the consequences of having a child at a very young age. Sex education should be imposed as a method of educating teens about premarital sex and pregnancy.In addition, encouraging them to engage in activities that would enhance not only their talents and skills but their self-respect as well.
      Email: [email protected]
      Twitter: zhajean

    2. Kath

      To prevent teen pregnancy, the parents should familiarize themselves on current trends and teenage stuffs so they would be able to keep up with their children and they would be able to help them and educate them properly. Their minds should be open to answer their kids’ questions about sensitive matters and their arms should always be a place of comfort for their teens. Teenagers should also seek guidance from their parents and trusted adults regarding sensitive matters not just from their peers who may be as naive as them.It also helps to find a hobby to keep your body and mind busy and healthy. The way I see it, teen pregnancy would be prevented through proper education and communications.

    3. HanNa Tan

      To prevent teen pregnancy:
      One. Learn how to be smart in life
      Two. Don’t be controlled but be in control
      Three. Have self-control
      Four. Follow the “good” people not the “bad” ones
      Five. Put God in your life

      Email: [email protected]

      Twitter: shtshtsht

    4. jessica

      to prevent teenage pregnancy, every teen, especially the girls, should be educated on the consequences of having a baby at an early age. how it can affect them, physically, mentally and emotionally, how having a child will really change the course of their lives. lastly, EVERY TEEN SHOULD BE LOVED. SHOW THEM. LET THEM KNOW THAT THEY ARE LOVED BY YOU, ESPECIALLY BY THEIR FAMILY. most of them just want to have a child because they feel that they are not loved. they feel that their own child’s love is the answer because they thought the love they had is not enough.

      if these 2 fails, then i suggest to go get a puppy or a dog. let them take good care of that puppy, train the teen first but don’t help them after. tell them that taking care of a pup is like taking care of a baby, BUT MUCH HARDER.

      -Jessica Pimentel

      twitter: @jessiepimentel

    5. angel_dashie

      To prevent teen pregnancy ,one should be cautious on her actions.Teen pregnancy is common at present time, that is why it is a good news for me knowing that part of Candie’s advocacy is to help raise awareness about the prevention of teen pregnancy.In today’s society the youth are looked up to, therefore one must educate others to be successful in life. Teens should not be troubled over pregnancy at an early age by thinking before they act. With the prevention of teen pregnancy, there will be birth control and careful plans on marriage. Teenage pregnancy should be prevented because family planning is hard nowadays especially if a couple is still not working. This advocacy is a great news for everyone to educate themselves to be cautious on unplanned pregnancy. With Candie’s advocacy I believe that people will be strengthened to have a personal responsibility regarding sex, getting pregnant, and bringing children into the world to avoid overpopulation.

      Twitter name : @dashyco
      Google Friend Connect username : angel_dashie

    6. Leah Jane

      To prevent teenage pregnancy, youth people must habitually read the Bible. Real sex education is actually written in the Bible.

      They should also attend the mass with all their hearts not just because they think that it’s a requirement. Here, they will be moved by God, and eventually do the right thing.

      Here are some things that they can learn if they read the bible & attend the mass: Sex is God’s idea. Actually, sex is good as long as you do it in God’s way. But if you do it outside God’s way, that is where sex gets dirty or evil! There is beauty in purity and this is what God want us to experience, the real beauty of sex.

      God bless Ms. Laureen, hope this comment would help a lot on Candie’s Advocacy! :)

      twitter: @thisisleahjane