Break My Style | Blue and White

Blue and White










The SM Store bandana

Georgina Sasha sunnies

Bellas Online Shoppe bikini

Georgina Sasha skirt

Aldo mandals

So I guess you know my color combination of the day.. if it’s still not clear, then I don’t know what to do anymore lol! Taking this outfit post during the day might be too “OA” since I’m already wearing white and blue colors so I chose to take it during sunset and I think I made the right choice. I used to think wearing a white swimsuit would be a no-no, but it does wonders to your complexion, especially if you’re morena. It gives that effect that your skin is tan and glowing! This pair of swimsuit from Bellas Online Shoppe is plain and elegant at the same time. After swimming, I chose to wear this skirt from Georgina Sasha just so I won’t look too bare. I can’t call it a cover up because it’s just covering the bottom part of my body, but it will do. The balloon effect of the skirt made me look incredibly thin and so who am I to complain! And can I just say, this pair of sunnies are so cool that my brother got it from me and never gave it back. Good thing I enjoyed wearing it in Boracay! BMS.

Photos by: Spike


    1. Mau

      Love how you combined the two pieces together! Absolutely stunning! Hoping for more of these. may you continue to inspire me and others! ♥ once again, aboslutely stunning!

    2. GeorginaSasha

      Lovely photos!!! SUper kinilig ako everytime i see you post my stuff hihi! Thanks Laureen! You are the best! More to come! :)

    3. April Nunez

      Ugh! can I just say “dope” lol
      i love this so muuuuch! you’re gorgeous Miss Laureen.