Break My Style | Black on Black

Black on Black

 (Zara dress, Topshop suspender stockings, Gap socks, Ice Queen wedges)
These photos were taken after I finished a shoot last Friday for Depot Magazine.
This uber cute suspender stockings were given to me by my mom as a “pasalubong” (gift) from Singapore. I thought it would be perfect to wear all black paired with my snakeskin wedges for the shoot- You know how people love to wear all black outfits during shoots? I’m one of them.

I ended my night dining at Intercontinental Hotel with Martin. We ate at Jeepney, a buffet that was definitely delicious. Thanks to Jeepney, I officially ruined my diet.


    1. J

      definitely a love at the first this looks a looot, your necklace is gorgeous:)

      ur blog’s great, should follow u from now on (:

      Journal J