Break My Style | Black in the Beach

Black in the Beach









The SM Store hat

Bellas Online Shoppe bikini

Vetus Shop kimono

Havaianas slippers

This has got to be the most daring swimsuit I’ve even owned- but what’s nice about this pair of bikini is that it looks sexy, not slutty. I got it from Bellas Online Shoppe (yes, I know I have a lot of swimsuits from them) a few days before leaving for Cebu and decided to bring it with me. I really adore the string details, especially since most of my bikini bottoms are just plain. They say black makes you look thinner, do you think it also applies to bikinis? Haha! Anyway, since my kimono is also black, I decided to put some contrast by wearing this huge white hat I got from The SM Store. Nice combination. BMS.

Photos by: Spike


    1. Kaye Alid

      Yeah, perf combination! Buti pinair mo sya with a white hat. Para merong style o ano ba yan. Haha d ko ma name. HI ATE laureen! Been scrolling your blog nowadays. Na inspired din ako sainyo ni ate kryz and ate cams. Stay fab! Xx kaye

    2. Diego

      Thank you so much for posting this repice, my mother is on a very restrictive diet due to health problems, but almost all the ingredients were things she could eat (oranges are a big no-no), so I whipped it up, and she loved it! Thank you for inspiring me to try something new!