Break My Style | Black and Gold

Black and Gold









SM Accessories necklace/ bangles

Temptress Manila dress

Reiss blazer

Saint Laurent bag

Saint Laurent pumps

Okay, so I really don’t wear jackets and blazers like this,  I wear it like a normal person too and actually put the sleeves on hahaha but they’re really nice for outfit shots! I love wearing blazers when I have meetings for the day. They can make everything look really corporate. I had a full day of work and knew i was gonna have dinner with my friends after so I wore this dress from Temptress Manila. It was the perfect dress to wear because of the fit and because wearing a blazer over it during my meetings looked amazing. The fit isn’t as tight like a body con skirt and the design is just beautiful. It has prints all around unlike other dresses where the prints are only in front. You can even pair a skirt over it for a different look too. I find it so awesome how some black pieces can look even if they say the color isn’t as eye catching. BMS.


    1. Lourine

      The prints, I don’t know why, but reminded me of egypt. Hehe :) Black and gold combination is really something.

    2. Jade

      I love your life! Very lucky to have a lavish & luxury life! Youcan travel in different places, eat on a fancy restaurants, wear branded clothes, etc. Now I think I need to study harder to be like you! Hope I can meet you soon. :)