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Black and Bold

Black mesh bikini 1

Black mesh bikini 2

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Kenzo sunglasses

Cesa black bikini

Nothing looks sexier than a pair of not-so-basic black bikini. They say black makes you look thinner, but if more than half of your body isn’t really covered with clothing, you just have to choose the right style and color to match your physique. I got this bikini from Cesa and I specifically chose this style because I know I can use the mesh top even when I’m not at the beach. It can be my inner top paired with a bomber jacket or a jumper. I love wearing sports bras and this is something that can be a replacement for that. Win-win situation for me! BMS.


    1. @ohmj_omg

      you have insecurities w/ yOur tummy right? It actUally looks sexy. You should love it.

      -fan from davao