Break My Style | Black and Blue

Black and Blue










SM Accessories necklace/ bangles

Hedonia dress

Chanel bag

Charlotte Olympia heels

Don’t you just love dresses that can be worn in a lot of ways? I think they’re such a good use, especially if you’re traveling because you don’t need to bring a lot of clothes with you. Okay, so don’t judge me if my outfit is still black and white (when I get addicted to a color, I tend to overdo it). Well, it’s not entirely black and white because I still have a hint of navy blue in my ensemble. Close to the color black, but you can still see the difference. This dress I got from Hedonia looks unbelievably classy and can be used in multiple ways. When I ordered it online, I could only think of one way on how to wear it, but when it arrived at my place- that’s when I thought of so many things on how to make it look more chic. Here are two examples on how you can wear it, which do you like better? BMS.


    1. Lourine

      Wow! The first photo made like the dress right away! What more if it can be worn in a different way? Sooo much better :)

    2. moomoon

      i only see navy and peach colors online, i love the blue that you are wearing… i wonder if its gone??D: