Break My Style | Beach Party Ready

Beach Party Ready










Call It Spring hat

Rayban sunnies

Sesa dress

Furla bag

Island Girl bangle

Bella Schu flats

Wow, editing these photos made me miss La Union even more. I can still vividly remember the beach and the fun times I had with friends… AAHHH!!! Okay, enough reminiscing. I think this Sesa dress is the best dress you can wear if you’re attending a beach party that doesn’t require swimming or a music festival. The color combination makes it seem like it’s really meant for the beach- it’s just so nice to look at. I love the bohemian vibe of the dress and the cutouts really help so you wouldn’t feel hot most of the time. I matched it with this pair of flats from Bella Schu because I wanted to make the look nicer. I’m seriously getting addicted to sandals now. I find this one so sexy on my feet and the studs are definitely stunning. People usually have a hard time not knowing what pair of sandals (aside from flip flops) to bring on the beach-  and I’m telling you, this one’s perfect! It’s easy to remove and wear again. I still like my feet glammed up when I have beach parties, flip flops are only if you’re swimming. The black and gold details really made it look classy. BMS.