Break My Style | Be Bright

Be Bright

(SM Accessories necklaces/ ring, Gap tee and polo, Kate Spade bag, Korean brand shorts, Primadonna shoes)

For a laid back day, I love wearing loose tees and shorts. I think it’s because I want to be as comfortable as I can if I don’t have a lot to do that day. I layered it with a striped polo from Gap’s guy section because I wanted to experiment how it will look like on a girl- and also how two striped tops would look when combined. Since the colors of my clothes are a bit relaxed, I chose to wear these bright Primadonna pumps. 

Read more about this look on Stylebible’s page HERE. It’s actually part of their “Blogger Challenge” section. Know why I chose this tee, how you can style a tee in three cool ways and what my top five tees are. BMS.