Break My Style | Bare Back

Bare Back

 (Goody hair tie, D&G sunnies,  Frou-Frou top, SM Accessories belt/necklace/ thick bangle, Extreme Finds pile up bangles, Petit Monde bottoms, Pedro wedges)

I haven’t worn high waisted paisley bottoms since forever. I was browsing through my closet when I started to notice that my cropped top (that was in my closet for months but I haven’t worn yet because I didn’t want to show my stomach) fit perfectly with these pair of bottoms. This definitely looks sexier from behind. 
 I came across Pedro and saw these wonderful pair of wedges. Since it’ll be 2012 soon, I bought it because I know it’s going to be a hit next year. I can already imagine pairing it with so many pastel/ floral pieces. I was buy it when I noticed a sign that said “Pedro Fights AIDS 2011“. 
AIDS has taken a devastating toll worldwide, and this December 1 (World Aids day), Pedro collaborated with Youth AIDS Filipinas Alliance (YAFA) and they aim to educate the public about HIV and AIDS and its modes of transmission and prevention. They launched a pair of specially designed loafers for guys and girls- plus a notebook will be added to remind you about this important movement. 25% of the sales will be donated to YAFA. So let’s support this moving campaign and go to the nearest Pedro now. BMS.
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    1. eggtartbox

      I like how you chose to wear a bare backed top since your high-waisted pants completely cover your legs; the design of the top is so interesting too. Looking forward to seeing you wear more paisley and floral prints in 2012 (: