Break My Style | Back To Denim

Back To Denim










Vera Wang sunglasses from Kenmark Optical

H&M vest

Vero Moda dress

Guess jacket

Chanel bag from Camille

IWC watch

Hermes bangle from Elitista Manila

Celine heels

Why can’t all the places look this pretty? This was a hallway going to Grand Hyatt Hotel’s swimming pool. Yes. A hallway. I really wasn’t supposed to do an outfit shot but how can I resist this magnificent looking area? A few seconds after I find myself calling Cams and asking her to take my photos. So anyway, I have this new obsession of putting jackets around my waist. The last time I was addicted to this trend was when I was in high school, I think- and that was the time I pretended to be tough and cool! Haha. Ever since Liz and I did an episode titled “Denims” on Stylized, I can’t go on a week without wearing denim on denim. It’s my new thing. Now, I’m experimenting what kind of tops and dresses I can wear it with and to my surprise, maxi dresses are a wonderful match! Not only can I use this Vero Moda dress for the lazy days, I can easily dress it up by wearing accessories, heels and a jacket. BMS.


    1. gailaloomii

      i’m gonna make my own thing too! i feel so inspired! all credits to you ms. lau. thank you so much!

    2. Bea

      love the play on denim! and the hallway looks amazing! I have a question though. Besides fashion and blogging, what do you enjoy doing on your down time at home? Any favorite authors, musicians, tv shows you’d like to recommend? :)

    3. Jovilyn

      do you know something na hairspray for me to use na washable?? gagayahin ko hair mo.. i super love it <3

      thanks and love love <3

      • Laureen Uy

        I think all hairsprays naman are washable :) hehe. I use bumble and bumble surf spray though for that messy look.