Break My Style | Athlenetique Chic

Athlenetique Chic

 (Extreme Finds necklaces, Stella McCartney for Adidas hoodie, Nike sports bra, Korean brand neon corset, Kate Spade clutch, Primadonna colored spike bangles, The Closet Goddess leggings, Jil Sander booties)

I always get excited when it’s Preview Best Dressed ball- they have the trendiest theme and the event is always a blast. This year, the theme was athlenetique chic. Rather than asking a designer to make a dress for me, I challenged myself by just finding pieces in my closet. These pieces are actually the items I wear when I go to the gym, except for the neon corset. The first thing that came to my mind when I heard the theme? Neons- and you know how much I love neons, kaya and result? Neon overload! Hahaha. I left my camera intentionally because I knew I’d be having so much fun so I just took photos from my iphone and stole some Instagram pictures from friends like Raymond, Callum, Liz and more. Hope you like the photos! 
I can’t wait for next year’s Preview Ball. BMS.