Break My Style | Army










Alpha Gypsy scarf

Binky Doodles top

Herve Chapelier bag

Topshop shorts

Giftsahoy flats

I’ve been seeing a lot of people wear camouflage items lately (like Chino Lui Pio with his cool army suit the at the Myx Music Awards) and I couldn’t stop myself from staring at this bag when I saw it on the window display at Herve Chapelier in SM Aura. I’ve been traveling a lot lately and I wanted to do a post on what you can wear at the airport aside from an all black ensemble. Important things you’ll be needing are a scarf and a big/light bag. This scarf is so smooth on the skin and can keep you warm all throughout your trip. This bag can seriously be your best friend when traveling because you can put so many things inside plus the design is so edgy. You’ll never look simple with this type of bag because the camouflage print gives you enough character already. I love wearing a tank top with shorts during my travels (with an extra cardigan inside my bag in case it gets cold). Make sure everything you wear is comfortable and at the same time still fashionable. Who says you can’t have quantity and quality at the same time? BMS.

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Photos by: Spike