Break My Style | An Empty Space

An Empty Space

(Zara top, LoveEyeCandy necklaces, Stylebreak skirt, Asian Vogue booties)
This hard-to-describe outfit perfectly fits this empty space. With its vibrant colors, it totally get along with the grayness of the wall. My booties match my print-on-print top, making my outfit very much printed haha. By the way, the furry part of the booties are L-O-V-E. Oh! And I want to get more of these necklaces! They make my outfit colorful. BMS.
Photos by: Cholo Dela Vega


    1. eggtartbox

      Great mix of print and colour! If there were less colours I feel like the necklace could have distracted, but in this case it goes really well. Yay!

    2. Sasa Valencia

      galing talaga mag mix.. at first ksi when you look at the clothes iisipin mo na ay parang hindi naman match.. pero everytime you wore those outfit bongee.. talaga! kabog!