Break My Style | All Black With A Twist

All Black With A Twist

(Goody ouchless tie, vintage leotards, HK brand long cardigan, Topshop shorts, Girls are Weird bracelets/bronze ring, Jhahing gold ring, Extreme Finds/SM Accessories charm anklets, Payless pumps)

This was taken last week, when I had to do absolutely nothing and just bond with friends (I like to reward myself with a day full of fun after months and months of hard work). It was in the afternoon and I didn’t know if we we’re going to stay out until nighttime so I decided to wear an all black ensemble- but for my outfit to be a bit different, I decided to play around with pumps and socks- and added these bracelets turned charm anklets for some color.

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    Wallet + Earrings              Flats + Earrings
 2 Necklaces + Earrings          Purse + Flats
 Heels, Belts and All thongs
ARE ALL P1,000 ONLY!!!
Something worth sharing: Did you know The Little Things She Needs (TLTSN) is having a sale from February 14-29I really love how TLTSN focuses on their customers- they’re so affordable and trendy. BMS.