Break My Style | After Shoot Look

After Shoot Look









H&M shirt

Guess jacket

Punchdrunk Panda duffle bag

Topshop shorts

Punchdrunk Panda passport wallet

Flossy flats

When I go to shoots, I’m usually in ultra-comfy and laid back clothes (whether I’m the talent or not). When you’re the talent, you’re going to change into something else (and you’ll never know if there’s an additional layout or not), so better wear something you’ll be cozy in so you can be relaxed while you’re having your make up done. I like wearing loose shirts and sweaters paired with shorts or a loose dress so it’s easy to remove and wear back again. Also, I like bringing clothes and shoes with me during my shoots just in case I’ll be needing them and I like packing them neatly. Thing is, it’s really hard to find a bag that can fit a lot of stuff inside and still be light at the same time. Good thing I have this duffle bag from Punchdrunk Panda. Aside from using it at shoots, I also use it when I have overnight trips or gym sessions. The print is so unique and you can easily spot it from afar! I also got a passport wallet from them- isn’t it the cutest? 

You can check out Punchdrunk Panda’s website and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more details. BMS.



    1. Lutchel booc

      i love your blog, hello laureen, what blog site that is non-paid is the best ? for you ?

    2. ianne

      pag.ganyan ba naman kaganda ang bag, sureness agaw pansin kahit malayo :) ) hehehe. ask ko lang po on how you maintain the neatness of your dresses inside that bag?? thank you! more power po!

    3. nobody

      Hi! I just discovered your account yesterday and I’m LOVING it already! I love your looks! I am really not a fashionista, I can’t match clothes that’s why I’m always “Baduy”… but I’m hoping to learn from your blog! Thank you for the insperations!