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Addicted to Aldo

 Everytime I walk in Aldo, my heart skips a beat. They always have new designs and all the shoes are love. If you read my blog all the time, I’m sure you know I’m obsessed with heels.
 Check out their hats- definitely useful this summer to hide from the sun (or just to oomph yourself up).
The earrings are all adorable and so fashion forward. I’m really loving the colors.
My shoe picks this summer. The beige wedges are absolutely a must this summer.
Check out their new collection too- it’s all about understated statement, that 70′s show and life’s a beach. So many perfect shoes for this season. BMS.
To see more of their designs, go to or like the facebook fan page.
For inquiries, call (02) 729-94-91.
Photos taken inside Aldo, Greenbelt 5. 


    1. Chezkania Villanueva

      Hear hear! It was just last year when I started getting hooked to your blog even before I created an account in blogger, your page is bookmarked on my window. You know the feeling like sometimes I feel that I have already memorized your posts.

      Can I just say that I love shoes and started having the true guts to wear HEELS, when you mentioned in one of your posts, “WHEN IN DOUBT WEAR HEELS”. I always remind myself of that when considering footwear saying that “wait when in doubt wear heels, sabi ni Laureen Uy”. My sister’s a witness to that.
      Sorry, too much for a comment! Keep posting and inspiring BTW!=))

    2. M & Em

      Aldo is definitely amazing! I got my prom shoes there! Black pumps with an ankle strap; I couldn’t find them anywhere else!


    3. Karla Marie Cardones

      Heels add oomph to the whole outfit. You’re nailing it, Laureen. Not all are able to pull off a pair of 5-inch to-die-for shoes! I’d splurge on pair over bags or dresses. Shoelalooove! Wanna see you some time in an eye-popping burst of color outfit with shoes that defy the whole package. Talk about your forte. :)

    4. Ann

      Haha, I’m like that too! ^^ Any shoe store and the first step inside it is so exciting! ^^dreadful on my savings though, =)

    5. Monica

      ALDO is such a MUST! from their shoes down to their accessories, all of them are must have’s :”) even as a student, i have an addiction for heels too! for me, shoes is such a good investment because we could not only use them just so we could look fashionable but we could also use them for work, school and even parties! kudos to you, Ms. Laureen! you’re such a stylist!

      xx Monica ❤

    6. plengxvi

      Aldo shoes are amaze balls!! :D

      Btw, my heart skipped a bit when i saw your mobile app. but devastated coz it’s for nokia phones only :( please create an iphone app?? LOL!!

      keep doing what you do best laureen!

    7. nadine

      I love the variety of Aldo’s, from laid back to glam and classy. It’s so wearable! My cousin worked as a manager for Aldo before and was able to meet Aldo the owner himself. I wonder if he has a photo with him :D Nevertheless, I love Aldo and I love your blog as much.

      Thank you for all of the out-of-the-box inspirations