Break My Style | Acid Denim

Acid Denim

(Jhajing necklaces, Goody spin pins, Topshop top, Zara jacket, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, H&M shorts, SM Accessories rings, Sugarfree shoes)

Back to being edgy- it requires neon colors, silver accessories and denim. I tried going for a laid back look and grabbed this pair of shorts when I accidentally saw this jacket that was in my closet for years (that I haven’t even worn, I really don’t know why). They’re a perfect match- it’s like they were made for each other. Now, of course it wouldn’t be complete without accessories, and these Jhajing necklaces were more than just edgy. The connector chain necklace under the silver single piece of necklace were the best combo. If you see their other accessories, I’m sure you’ll end up buying everything- it’s so nice and affordable. For the finale, I had to bring color to the look, so voila- say hello to my bright blue wedges. BMS.
Photos by: Robbie Becroft

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    1. JuanStyle

      Ndi ko masyado feel un pagka “acid denim” look for you or sadya ndi lang ako sanay sau sa ganyan look. Parang kasi kulang spunk or angas un look. Just saying. *dont get me wrong pls I love ur blog Im just saying my honest opinion.* <3

    2. Ennaiid

      So far from your 2012 post, this is what I like the best. So me :) And I have the same jacket. WOHO! Inspiration.


    3. lynparconflorig

      wow! not everybody can nail this outfit. well you are Laureen Uy! Was there ever a day in a life of Laureen Uy that she wasn’t looking so fashionista? :)

    4. eggtartbox

      The neon person is my fav! I love the combination of electric colours in your outfit– they’re really up-played by the the gray-washed out denim in an eye-pleasing way. Hope you have a good rest of the week, Laureen! xx