Break My Style | A Bright Year Ahead

A Bright Year Ahead

We have this game where we throw coins on the floor and all our helpers get as much coins as they can. Start the year right by having fun and sharing your blessings to others.
(Stylebreak top, American Apparel skirt, Topshop necklace, Steve Madden wedges)
My whole family hugged and kissed one another as the clock struck 12mn. New year- new memories, new adventures and new opportunities.  Here are some of our family traditions during new years eve:
1. putting bigas (uncooked rice) in a bilao (tray) with coins and a candle 
2. holding your money at the strike of midnight (so you’ll have money all throughout the year)
3. putting coins on the stairway and opening all the cabinets so the house will be filled with luck
4. having hotdogs and marshmallows together in a stick – I don’t know why
5. and of course- wearing red. *laughs*
Some fireworks shots:
Happy New Year. BMS.


    1. Elle {SWITCHEROOm}

      Lau, anong camera mo? Ang ganda ng shots! at talagang dito ako nag tanong? :) Happy New Year!

      P.S. Sana alam namin ung traditions nyo para nagawa din namin! Mukang effective eh.. hahaha

      -Achi Rach

    2. CHAR

      Laureen! Happy new year! Glad to see you and chitchat with you at Cozy. See you soon again! :) Will try to drop by EW sometime soon. I’ll text you.