Break My Style | A Breath Of Fresh Air

A Breath Of Fresh Air

(D&G sunnies, H&M jacket, SM Accessories scarf, Crow top, Zara jeans, Schu boots)

Touchdown Hong Kong- finally!!! I did research on the temperature before going there and it was around 12-14 degrees, so I was pretty equipped with what to wear. It’s actually nice to escape our hot country once in a while.  How I’ve missed this type of weather- cold and breezy. Our flight to HK was at 7:50am, so we had to be at the airport by before 6am. I didn’t bother wearing accessories because it’s always such a hassle to remove during inspections. Right when we landed, I went straight to meet up with other fellow bloggers so I really didn’t have time to prep up hence the sunnies and lipstick (my lazy to put make up on look). I was in comfy clothes too because I went straight to Disneyland after lunch.
Photos by: Jacklyn Uy
Check out the video Jacklyn Uy made of our short trip to Disneyland. Watch out for my post about it tomorrow. BMS.