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3D Style










Front Row Shop blazer

Van Vogue Manila top

Ambry bag

Topshop pants

Celine heels

I’m totally a liar if I told you I didn’t like the color pink. Growing up, I never admitted it because every time I’d ask my fellow girl classmates “What’s your favorite color?”, they would all have the same answer- pink. I wanted to be different so I tried to ignore my love for it. But like what they say, you can’t fight love! Hahaha. As I grew older, I’d automatically get attracted if I see a cute pink floral top or pink pumps. No doubt, it’s a nice shade and now that I’m getting older, the shade actually makes me look younger (and I like it!). I was really supposed to wear an all white ensemble during this day, but when I tried on this blazer, it automatically matched my bag so I decided to wear it. I know I keep saying to wear small bags when traveling, but since I studied during this trip- a big bag is a must! I brought this cute 3D bag from Ambry with me and it definitely got a lot of stares from people. It’s like a cartoon bag that came into life! It’s so fun and convenient to use. Woot! 


    1. Georgina Sasha

      You’re so cute Laureen! Haha it made me laugh because I can totally relate. Now, I am all about pink!!! :)

      Love this post and your look! The bag is soooo adorable!

    2. nEECEE

      hi laureen! (just came from restdays so I’m late to post my comment hahaha)
      that bag is so adorable! nice combi of your outfit too! you’re always astonishing! stay pretty everyday!

    3. ianne

      wahaha. ilang beses ko na po talagang tinitigan ang mga photos dito. At nalurkey talaga ako kasi ang bag is real na real! hahaha. The best effect ever sa isang bag. like it soooo much!