Break My Style | 30 Days in 30 Ways: Day 1 to 6

30 Days in 30 Ways: Day 1 to 6

This August, I’m doing a challenge for Stylebible, and it’s called “30 Days in 30 Ways“. Basically, I have to choose 30 pieces of clothes/ shoes in my closet and for 30 days, those are the only pieces I can wear (excluding accessories and bags). I chose 24 pieces of clothing and 6 pairs of shoes. It’s really hard and challenging, especially for someone like me who loves to wear different clothes all the time. Check out what I wore from Day 1-6:
 Day 1 and Day 2
 Day 3 and Day 4
Day 5 and Day 6

I’m not yet showing you guys the 30 items I chose so it will be more exciting. For details on my outfits like why I wore it, how I wore it and credits for my items- check out my page at Stylebible HERE. Watch out for my upcoming looks too. They just uploaded Day 8! BMS.