Break My Style

Road Trip

(Sunnies Studios shades, H&M top, American Apparel shorts, Topshop shoes)

Road trip!!! I wanted to do a weekday getaway since I had a free day and what better way to enjoy it the full experience more is to drive your own car, put down the windows and listen to good music. Oh yeah! I have to admit, I haven’t driven for a long time, so the feeling was extraordinarily amazing. The best part? I got to drive the Toyota All New Yaris. It’s so compact and trendy- it really suits any fashionista’s lifestyle! I brought a lot of stuff with me because the Yaris’ back door opens really wide. It’s more spacious than other cars I’ve ridden in. I stayed overnight at a resort in Batangas so I was technically six hours on the road (to and from) but didn’t feel any hassle because it was so comfortable driving the car. Everyone has a different style and this car can fit your everyday style. It’s fuel efficient and I didn’t have a hard time parking anywhere because it’s compact! Girls will love this car! Aside from driving it outside the city, it’s also super convenient driving around Metro Manila because of its size and fuel efficiency. And can I mention my favourite part of the car? It has a USB port near the radio so you can charge and listen to your music from your phone. Oh yeah! If you’ve seen my blog post before (you can read it HERE), I’ve already mentioned that it cops the right balance between sharp edges and smooth surfaces, expressing the car’s personality of being a fashion forward car. Thank you Toyota for letting me test drive the All New Yaris. Personally, I think we’re a match made in heaven.

Check out their website and follow them on Facebook. BMS.

London Loving

Yes, my schedule has been pretty crazy these past few days. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m in Macau now for a familiarization tour and will be back tonight for a launch of something very very exciting (I still can’t share it with you guys but once it’s announced, I’ll definitely make a blog post about it!). This weekend though, is a start of a new journey for me. I’m going to London to study again. Yes, you read it right- I’ll be student again and I’m so ecstatic!!! I’m taking up fashion branding at Central Saint Martins for one week and will be extending a week more to explore the beautiful city. It’ll be my first time going there and I’m happy, excited and scared that the same time! Wah! Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be able to make this happen if it weren’t for Prime App. I’ve been wanting to study abroad after I graduated college but never found the time to research and pursue it because of my busy schedule. Also, I’m bad at fixing all the requirements (I admit, it takes a lot of time to gather everything you’ll be needing for the school interview, visa interview, etc). When I found out about Prime App, I was extremely happy to know that they’re not only a travel agency, but an apprenticeship agency as well- meaning they help give opportunities to people who want to intern and study abroad. With this type of program, they’ll be the ones to fix everything for you! No hassle involved. So I grabbed the opportunity, got their “study abroad package” and now, I’m off to London this weekend!

The best thing about Prime App for me is that they partner with universities so it can be easier for you to get in your preferred school. The last time I spoke to them, they already partnered with over 60 educational institutions around the world (including schools in Australia, London, Singapore, USA and a lot more) and target is to partner with 100 universities by the end of the year. Their agency isn’t all about making packages for their customers, they create a lifestyle for their clients. They don’t just acquire an education from a foreign school, but they also give their clients a broader outlook in life and an opportunity for us Filipino students to transform ourselves into world-class professionals. If it’s your dream to study abroad and reach your goals, check out Prime App’s services and packages. I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do. Next week, Laureen is student mode on. I’M SO EXCITED! BMS.
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The Penderie

(Front Row Shop matching blazer and shorts, SM Accessories necklace, Ziya Style tank top, Michael Kors bag from The Penderie, Gianvito Rossi pumps)

Nobody ever said you can only look feminine when wearing the colour pink. If you’re more edgy than girly, try wearing skirts and shorts with blazers or suits- it’ll definitely make your look a bit more masculine. I’ve never tried the pink and cream color combination before- I never realized it actually looks so cool on the eyes! To make my look even more sophisticated, I wore a Michael Kors structured bag that’s just so chic. I’ve been looking for this type of bag for the longest time, and I know it’s a bit expensive (I just ordered two bags online that’s why I’m trying to cut down on shopping) but I couldn’t resist getting it when I saw that this bag was almost 40% off! It’s not from the retail store because I don’t think they’ll ever put this bag on sale, but I got it from a better store called The Penderie.

If you’re wondering what The Penderie is- it’s a boutique selling 100% original/ luxury items. They sell brand new and slightly used items at a discounted price. Just look at the smile on my face when I got to their store. I knew I was in for a treat!

Their window displays that would make your heart melt! For bag lovers like me, you know how hard it is to order bags online because you can’t fit it and you don’t know how you’ll feel about the bag (if it’s worth it) unless you try it on yourself. Since we don’t have all the nice brands here in our country, we always rely on buying items when we travel, and traveling can be expensive too. If you can’t wait for that next trip to buy your bag, this is your next best destination!

The first bag that caught my eyes: Balenciaga. The first bag I bought with my own money is a Balenciaga bag and I wore it everyday for a month.

It’s very hard to find a Celine bag because they don’t sell online and all their designs always sell fast! The Penderie has two Celine bags that’s available in their store!

I have to admit, my favourite designer is Alexander Wang. I just love all his items. Look at this beautiful Rocco bag in blue. I got my first AW rocco bag in college because I saw a photo of Mary Kate Olsen wearing one haha! I still wear it until now- it’s super worth buying.

Louis Vuitton monogram W bag in gelato. Aside from these brands, they also sell Chanel, Prada, Gucci, MCM, Bottega Veneta, Goyard and Hermes to name a few. They carry over 30 high-end brands!

From P45,000 to P28,000. Seriously, how can you not be lured into buying the bag! Their products can be purchased using flexible payments plans for both cash and credit card, payable for a period of 6-12 months with no interest rate!

All their bags have an authentication card and a dust bag included so you know it’s 100% authentic. A lot of the bags have boxes as well! They also don’t do online transactions because they believe if you’re buying something this expensive, you have to see the actual product first, try it on and if you fall in love with it- purchase it!

Aside from these luxury bags- they also sell designer sunnies, wallets and limited edition rubber shoes (for men) for all those sneaker heads out there.

Look at the smile on my face!!! I love The Penderie! I enjoyed trying out all the bags and finding the one that suited my style the most. I visited their branch in San Juan. It’s located at Madison Square 2 (2nd floor), N. Domingo st, San Juan Manila. Telephone hotline is 02-4151550. They also have another branch that just opened in Quezon City: 2nd floor Titatium Building, 36 Holy Spirit Drive, Commonwealth QC. I’m sure they have more choices there so if ever you have any inquiries about a specific bag you like and think that they might have, call 09175811933. Happy shopping! BMS.

Win A Trip For Two To Korea!

After all my travel diary posts from my Korea trip, doesn’t it want to make you go there and explore the cities yourself?? I actually miss the city and their food already! Can I just say, going to South Korea via AirAsia is really awesome. With their low fares, you definitely have more to spend for shopping and traveling around the country. It’s very important to be a wise spender, especially when traveling- you’ll really get to save a lot of money by booking through AirAsia. Also, since I’m done with all my Korea travel posts, I want one of my readers to experience it also. I’m giving you guys a chance to WIN A TRIP FOR TWO TO KOREA VIA AirAsia! I’ll only be choosing one winner so make sure you think of a nice answer! The mechanics are very easy, all you have to do is:

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Don’t forget the hashtag because I’ll be choosing the winner there! Contest promo is from July 21-28 only. I’ll be announcing the winner via my Facebook and Twitter account. Good luck guys! BMS.

Travel Diary: Seoul, Korea II

This is my fifth and last Korea travel diary. Sad, right? But I think I’ve pretty much shared with you guys my entire experience in Korea! We still had a full day tour before going to the airport at 6pm.

We went to Design Market and toured around the studio where the TV series “You Who Came From The Star” was shot. Yes, for those of you guys who are koreanovela addicts- you’ll love this post! I recently watched the series because of Camille and I am so into it. Now I sleep at 4am or 5am because I can’t stop watching it.

The props they used when Do Min Jun was in his Joseon Dynasty.

The carriage that was used when he saved the girl who was about to die. Okay, for those of you who haven’t watched it yet, I’m not ruining it- this is actually the start of the story! Haha. I really recommend you guys to watch it! I still get kilig just thinking of the series.

The shoes they they wore during the ancient days.

They had an area there where tons of cameras will go off at the same time and it creates a video with 3D effect (ala Matrix-style). I have a copy of the video but for some reason I can only view it online. It’s so amazing!

We were able to try “Tuho” too. It’s a traditional korean game that requires you to throw sticks into a large canister.

Here we go! Touring inside Do Min Jun’s room first. This is his bedroom. Wow! I wish he was actually there so I can hug him!! He’s so cute!

Do Min Jun’s living room.

His secret library where he keeps all his ancient books, paintings and diaries.

Cheong Song I’s room. Oh, how I wish my room looked this comfortable.

Her walk in closet that all girls must want to have.

I really enjoyed seeing the huge studio and I’m sure you guys would love seeing it in person too. Also, if you haven’t watched “You Who Came From The Star” yet, you have to watch it! HAVE TO.

We had lunch at N Table near Design Market in Dongdaemun and it was my first time trying shabu-shabu in Seoul. The taste is so healthy and delicious! It was buffet style so you can be the one to choose everything you want to eat.

What’s amazing is that aside from the food buffet area, they also have unlimited drinks, including beers, wine and champagne. Cool, right?

Last stop before rushing to the airport: N Seoul Tower, also called the Namsan Tower. It marks the highest point in Seoul.

I guess Koreans love to vandalise too. Haha.

Spotted the a sketch of the characters of “You Who Came From The Star” outside N Seoul Tower. That’s Do Min Jun and Cheong Song I!

Was lucky to see a show that was happening outside N Seoul Tower. We lacked time so I wasn’t able to see the entire program.

When we got to the top of the tower, I was out of words when I saw this magnificent urban view. It looks so busy and wonderful!

Each window says how far you are from a certain country. I’m 2,625.7km away from Manila.

You can also buy souvenirs too.

Been wanting to visit the Namsan Tower since my first trip to Korea and I’m so happy it happened. These amazing lock padlock trees are so nice to look at. It’s just like the one in Paris- write you and your loved one’s name and put it there.

That’s the end of my travel diary! Thank you again AirAsia and Korean Tourism Manila for inviting me to trip trip. I had so much fun. Now that you know where to go in Korea now, GET A CHANCE TO WIN A TRIP TO SOUTH KOREA VIA AIRAISA! If this got you interested, please wait for my blog giveaway post about it tomorrow. BMS.